Request Tree Inspection & Removal

The Town of Biltmore Forest has a long history of tree protection and preservation. The most recent version of the Town's Tree Preservation Ordinance was adopted in October 2023 and includes new re-planting requirements associated with the removal of trees. The re-planting requirements are different based on the location of trees (whether within a setback, or not) and the size of the trees to be removed, as well as whether the trees are considered protected or unprotected. Residents, landscape professionals, arborists, and others are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new requirements prior to removal.

The new Tree Preservation Ordinance may be found by clicking this link.  This ordinance is specifically related to the removal and replacement associated with property maintenance and NOT for new development (including additions).

New ordinances specifically related to landscaping and replacement requirements for all new developments may be found by clicking the below links. 

Landscaping, Grading, and Erosion Control Plan Requirements

New Construction (including Addition) Tree Removal and Replacement Requirements

To request permission to remove a tree(s) or to discuss provisions of the Ordinance, please complete the Request for Tree Removal or call the Town Arborist, Mike Dale, at 274-3919. Please flag or mark the trees in question as this helps facilitate the tree inspection process.

Tree Removal Companies

 You are encouraged to speak with neighbors for recommendations and obtain several quotes before proceeding with tree removal. Remember to inquire about whether the company has General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Imminent Threat

If you have a tree that poses an imminent threat to persons or property, you are highly encouraged to photograph the tree in the safest manner possible, and proceed with removal. Please contact the Town as soon as possible with the supporting photographs.