Subdivision Application

Pre-Application Procedure

Every subdivision applicant is required to meet the Subdivision Administrator, or his designee, in a pre-application conference prior to the submittal of a subdivision plat. The purpose of this conference is to provide clarification and assistance in the preparation & submission of the plats for approval. The sketch plan shall be presented for staff review during the conference. Subdivision Ordinance Sect 702

Sketch Plan

A simple sketch plan shall be drawn at a scale of no less than one hundred (100) feet to one (1) inch and shall show the proposed street layout with approximate pavement width; approximate right-of-way width; proposed lot layout and approximate number of lots; the location of existing and proposed water and sewer lines; existing physical features including streets, structures and utilities; significant natural features including wooded areas, ponds, streams and marshes; sketch view of any proposed drainage facilities; proposed use of land; tract boundary; total acres; sub divider's name and address; subdivision name; north point; and a sketch vicinity map showing the location of the subdivision in relation to neighboring tracts, subdivisions, roads and waterways. Subdivision Ordinance Sect 703.1

Additional Reference

  • The Subdivision Administrator will provide guidance for the process of subdivision at the pre-application conference.
  • The Subdivision Ordinance can be found here.