It is the mission of the Biltmore Forest Police Department to provide an exemplary level of service, ensuring safety and a peaceful quality of life to the residents and community stakeholders as well as those who may visit our community. In doing so, we will maintain a proactive approach to the protection of life and property, the detection and prevention of crime and will commit to resolve the concerns of those we serve in a timely manner.

Our highest priority is to ensure our community remains a safe haven and that residents and visitors live without the fear of crime or experience a decline in their overall quality of life. We will serve the community through professional conduct at all times without prejudice or bias. To accomplish this, we will work to establish partnerships among our residents, businesses, elected officials and other emergency services agencies to ensure a safe environment for all. We will utilize education and advanced technology during the course of our duties, along with emphasizing problem solving and conflict resolution. We will strive for the Biltmore Forest Police Department to be a leading law enforcement agency – a model for others to emulate – not just locally, but throughout the state and region.

Our department maintains a high degree of integrity based upon a strong ethical foundation, and to maintain this public trust, we will hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard of conduct. We are an organization that takes pride in our work, and we will carry out our duties with enthusiasm and dedication. We value being visionary, creative, adequately prepared, innovative, professional, loyal, courageous and hold an unfaltering commitment to serve the community, whether it be in an emergency situation or routine call for assistance.

It is the vision and goal of the Biltmore Forest Police Department to be the model of an innovative, community-oriented police department. We will continually strive to develop the skills of our members, and to efficiently and effectively manage our resources to deliver the highest level of service to the Biltmore Forest community. 







Department Contact Information

General Contact
Phone: (828) 274-0822
Fax: (828) 274-3836
Address:  355 Vanderbilt Road , directly behind Biltmore Forest Town Hall.
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Chris Beddingfield,

Chief of Police
Phone: (828) 274-0822
Fax: (828) 274-3836
Email:  cbeddingfield@biltmoreforest.org