Planning & Zoning

The Town of Biltmore Forest was incorporated in 1923, and was determined eligible for Determination as a Historic District by the U.S. Department of Interior in March 1990. The idea of preserving and enhancing nature is at the core of the beauty of Biltmore Forest and helps guide the ordinance makers, administrators, developers, and residents of the Town.

It is for this reason that ordinances guide the removal of trees, that structures and buildings are forbidden in front yards, and why fences have always been discouraged.

As a resident, it is your responsibility to comply with all Town Ordinances including the Town Code of Ordinances, Town Zoning Ordinance and Town Subdivision Ordinance.

Please note, when filling out applications for review, a zoning permit is required at minimum for ANY application to the Board of Adjustments or Design Review Board. These should be included with the required conditional use and variance applications, as applicable.