Town Advisory Board Applications Available

The Town of Biltmore Forest invites you to participate in your local government by volunteering for an advisory board. Your interest and participation will help shape the Town in the future and you will provide valuable input and perspective to the Board of Commissioners. An application can be obtained by clicking here. 

Advisory boards help provide direction for many important Town functions, including planning, land use, zoning, and community events. Two of the Town's advisory bodies (Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission) are established by state law, with their authorities defined in the North Carolina General Statutes. The other two existing committees - the Design Review Board and Friends of Biltmore Forest - were created by the Town's Board of Commissioners to provide valuable review and assistance in important Town activities.

All applications are provided to the Board of Commissioners and every possible effort is made by the Commissioners to appoint appropriately and for the best benefit of every citizen. The board makes every effort to notify the public when vacancies occur and appointments will be made. If you apply for an advisory board that DOES NOT currently have a vacancy, the Town will keep your application on file for future consideration. 

A list of advisory boards is below, and if you click the link you will find more information about each Board. Please note: if there is a current opening, it is listed to the side.  

Board of Adjustment (NO OPENINGS)

Planning Commission (ONE OPENING)

Design Review Board (NO OPENINGS)