Stormwater Project and Impacts to Rosebank Park

Major Stormwater System Improvements Underway,
Will Continue Through November


The Town of Biltmore Forest has some exciting updates to our significant stormwater system improvements in Rosebank Park and in the vicinity of Vanderbilt Road, Stuyvesant Road, and Lone Pine Road this summer.  As of May 20, work has officially begun on the project!  The purpose of the $1.2 million-dollar, 3,630 linear foot long project is to improve significant flooding issues in the intersection of Vanderbilt, Stuyvesant, and Lone Pine Roads. 

The Town’s Contractor, Hyatt Pipeline, LLC from Canton have begun staging materials and equipment in the lower end of Rosebank Park.  Ultimately their staging and construction areas will be enclosed, and access will be limited to those sections not being utilized by the Contractor.  Please be aware that Rosebank Park may be partially or temporarily closed periodically while construction is active.  However, the Contractor is aware that the Park is required to be open for the annual Town-wide Independence Day celebration on July 4th and will be accommodating our use of as much of the park property as possible for that event. 

Work will begin in the southernmost section of the park and will move northward through the park toward the intersection of Park and Vanderbilt Roads.  Once the construction activities move beyond the park and along the road shoulders, likely in July, productivity will necessarily slow down due to required traffic control and extended single lane closures for the remainder of the summer and through October. 

After the installation of the new piping, the Contractor will complete final repairs to the roads along the project area.  We are aware that the current temporary patch along the sewer line replacement on Vanderbilt Road does not meet our current standards.  Our contractor will be milling and overlaying affected roadways with new asphalt, effectively restoring the driving surface to a new condition. 

We ask that residents please be patient and mindful of possible delays in this area and to watch carefully for construction workers and vehicles.  The safety of our residents and our workers is a primary goal. 

If at any time you have questions or concerns about this project or its related work, please contact the Public Works department at 828-274-3919.  Our department looks forward to seeing everyone at the Independence Day celebration on July 4th