Happenings in the Forest - 3/15/24

This week's updates from The Town include:

Town Hall

  • There is a Board of adjustment meeting on Monday, March 18th at 4:00pm. 
  • Laura J. and Jess H. both participated in a CPR training class.
  • There will be a Blood Drive event being held at Town Hall on Wednesday, May 22nd from 2pm-7pm.
    • Please visit here to sign up

Public Works

  • Hosted department CPR class
  • Collected garbage and recycling
  • Provided utility locates
  • Conducted tree assessments
  • Daily water chlorine tests
  • Serviced dog waste stations
  • Brookside Park trail building project continues
  • Prepared Greenwood Park for spring - remove rocks and seed
  • Removed sticks and leaves at Brookside Park
  • Installed water meter on East Forest Road
  • Prepared planting plan for Greenwood Park
  • Poured concrete pads for picnic tables at Greenwood Park
  • Cleaned storm drain on Buena Vista
  • Replaced water meter box on E. Forest
  • Collected trash along Hendersonville Road