Emergency Repairs for Southwood Road Storm Water Pipe

Project Update - Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021

The contractor finished all repairs and repaved the portion of Southwood Road that was cut in order to replace the pipe. The Town appreciates the patience and understanding of all as we worked to ensure the appropriate repairs were made to the road and drainage pipe.

Project Update - Tuesday, Jan 5, 2021

The contractor is installing the last segment of pipe for this repair today and the road should be re-opened by the end of the day. We hope to have asphalt overlayed where the road was cut by later this afternoon, but this is somewhat dependent on the weather. Please contact the Public Works Department at (828) 274-3919 with any questions. We appreciate your patience as we work to make these repairs.

Project Update - Monday, Jan 4, 2021

Repair work on the failed storm water pipe began today, January 4, and will proceed this week. Southwood Road is closed to traffic between Stuyvesant and Brookside Roads. Residents should use Hilltop Road to Westwood Road to Brookside Road as a detour. Southwood Road residents between Stuyvesant Road and Brookside Road should access their property along Southwood Road from Brookside Road. We apologize for this inconvenience, but appreciate your help and patience as these repairs are made.

Project Information

The Town discovered a sinkhole on Wednesday, December 30th that opened on the north side of Southwood Road near the intersection with Stuyvesant Road. This sink hole is the result of a failed corrugated metal pipe that runs under Southwood Road. The picture above shows the outlet pipe that has rusted out at the bottom. After the bottom of the pipe rusts out, water then finds its way into crevices around the pipe, which ends up causing the sink hole that can be seen just above the outlet of the culvert pipe.

After the sinkhole was discovered, Town staff met with Hyatt Pipeline to discuss an emergency repair. These emergency repairs will begin Monday, January 4, 2021. We are hopeful the work will be completed the week of January 4-8, and will provide an update on this page during the week. It is likely that this closest portion of Southwood Road will be closed during the repairs, and information about these road closures will be sent out via CodeRED before that occurs.

southward view from BFCC
Failed Culvert Pipe & Sinkhole Adjacent to Southwood Road


Sinkhole close up
Looking Down into Sinkhole
inlet sinkhole
Compromised Inlet - southside of Southwood Road