Duke Energy Targeted Underground Program

The Town has requested for Duke Energy to consider burying power lines throughout Biltmore Forest. Duke Energy has informed the Town that they intend to begin design on a targeted underground program within the next few weeks. The result of this design process is that Duke Energy engineers will be in and around the Town and on individual properties analyzing existing power services. These engineers will have Duke Energy credentials and be authorized to review the power systems in and around the Town. If the targeted underground program commences, construction is not likely to begin until the summer of 2020.

Duke Energy representatives will be present at the Board of Commissioner's next meeting on July 9th at 4:30 p.m. to discuss this project. The local Duke Energy representative for this project is Landon Williams. Mr. Williams may be reached at (828) 275-1965. For more information on the targeted underground program, please visit Duke Energy's website at this link.