All-Way Stop Implementation - Vanderbilt/Busbee Roads

Effective Wednesday, October 19, 2022

On Wednesday, October 19th, the Town will begin implementing a new all-way stop traffic pattern at the intersection of Vanderbilt Road and Busbee Road. Drivers will see temporary caution signage alerting you to this changed traffic pattern (please see diagram below). This new all-way stop will require ALL vehicular traffic to stop at this intersection, not just those traveling west or east on Busbee Road.  Police Department vehicles will be readily visible at this intersection to help ensure vehicles take note of the new traffic pattern. The new all-way stop will result in reduced chance of accidents at this intersection and reduce the speed of turning movements onto Busbee Road, thereby providing better safety for pedestrians utilizing the road.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work to begin this implementation. The purpose of this new traffic pattern is to ensure safety of all those using the road – pedestrians, drivers, and bicyclists.


Last winter, the Town conducted a transportation study aimed at addressing current and future traffic and transportation concerns within the Town. As part of this study, public input was sought through survey and online mapping tools. The Town received 246 responses to our survey (15 percent of the total population) – residents were notified through the Town’s newsletter, CodeRED notifications, and a direct mailing with links to the survey and how to obtain hard copies at the Town Hall.

The intersection at Vanderbilt Road and Busbee Road was identified as an intersection that needed better traffic control measures. The Board of Commissioners discussed this intersection specifically at their regular meetings, and in July directed staff to develop an action plan for implementing an all-way stop at this intersection.