Brush Collection

Brush is collected monthly from January-October.

Brush is collected on the 15th for the North side of Town and on the 30th for the South side of Town. Brush may be set out no sooner than 7 days before the collection date.

Leaves are collected from November-December.

Because the volume of leaves to be picked up is unpredictable, there is no schedule for leaf pick up.

Important Guidelines for Brush Collection

Tree Limbs, brush, leaves, etc. - All trees or portions thereof to be picked-up shall be cut up and reduced in lengths so that no portion shall be more than six feet in length. Limbs shall be no greater than six inches in diameter. All limbs shall be cut from the main body of any limb or trunk. All such materials shall be neatly piled with the length of such items substantially parallel to the street. (Reference Town Code of Ordinances Section 9-7)

Placement of Limbs, Brush & Leaves, etc. - Limbs, brush and leaves shall be placed by occupant upon that portion of residents' property immediately adjacent to the street right-of-way normally used by vehicles but at least three feet off of the pavement. (Reference Town Code of Ordinances Section 9-8)

Grass Clippings - The Town strongly discourages the deposit of grass clippings within the street rights of way adjacent to residences. However, should an occupant of a residence place grass clippings within the street rights of way, the Town may remove said grass clippings and, if so removed, shall be the owner of said residence a flat fee of $150. (Reference Town Code of Ordinances Section 9-9)

Brush Collection Schedule

North - 15th/month South - 30th/month
Amherst Rd Brookside Rd
Arboretum Rd Brooklawn Chase
Browntown Rd Cedar Chine
Buena Vista Rd Cedar Hill Dr
Busbee Rd Chauncey Cir
Cedarcliff Rd Eastwood Rd
Deerfield Rd Fir Tree Ln
East Forest Rd Frith Dr
Fairway Pl Greenwood Rd & Pl
Forest Rd

Hendersonville Rd

(Browntown South)

Hendersonville Rd

(Browntown North)

Hemlock Rd
Lone Pine Rd Hilltop Rd
Park Rd Holly Hill Rd

Stuyvesant Rd

(Country Club North)

Niagara Dr
Vanderbilt Rd Ridgefield Pl
White Oak Rd Southwood Rd
  Stuyvesant Cres

Stuyvesant Rd 

(Country Club South)

  Westwood Rd