The Board of Adjustments is a quasi-judicial Board which considers requests for Conditional Use Permits, Variances, and other associated land development.

Current members of the Board of Adjustments are Chairman Greg Goosmann, Lowell Pearlman, Lynn Kieffer, Rhoda Groce, Richard Landau and Robert Chandler. Members serve a three year term and members terms are staggered. 

The Board of Adjustments meets on an as-called basis, but generally will have matters to consider each month. Please see Upcoming Events for the next Board of Adjustment Meeting date and Application Deadline for that meeting.

Please note, there is a 21 day application deadline for ALL conditional use or variance requests. This allows time for Town staff to review the application and send out necessary notices as required by state law.


   Board of Adjustment Agendas & Materials
  February 24, 2020 Agenda Agenda Packet
  January 13, 2020 Agenda Agenda Packet
  December 16, 2019 Agenda


Case 1 Docs

Case 2 Docs

Case 3 Memo & Applications

Case 3 (Arch. Plans)

Case 3 Landscaping Plan

Case 4 Docs

  November 18, 2019 Agenda Meeting Docs
  September 16, 2019 Agenda Meeting Docs
  August 26, 2019 Agenda Meeting Docs
  July 15, 2019 Agenda Meeting Docs
  June 17, 2019 Agenda Meeting Docs
  May 20, 2019 Agenda  Meeting Docs
  April 22, 2019 Agenda Meeting Docs
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  February 11, 2019  Agenda  Meeting Docs
  January 14, 2019 Agenda Meeting Docs