Hydrant Testing

All hydrant testing has been completed as of May 5th, 2016 at 3:00pm

Skyland Fire Department will be performing hydrant flows on all Town fire hydrants between the hours of 9am-4pm the first two weeks in May.

During this test, you may experience low water pressure and discolored water.

We encourage you to please refrain from using water during this limited testing time. Please take special care to avoid washing clothes during this time, as the discolored water may harm your clothes.

Once hydrant testing is concluded in your area, running the water for approximately 30 seconds or until clear should result in clearing the service line. 

Read the complete memo regarding the 2016 Hydrant Testing from Skyland Fire Department.

The scheduled day below has a map of the area to be impacted. The scheduled day, below, is the day the Fire Department anticipates working. The actual day, below, will be updated daily and reflects the most up to date scheduling (delays due to any unforeseen problems). Absent of delays or issues, the flushing of the hydrants should not extend beyond the first week of May.

  Originally Scheduled


as of 5/5/16

Day 1

Area of Lone Pine, Vanderbilt (N),

Forest, Busbee, Hendersonville Rd

Monday Completed

Day 2

Area of Busbee, Stuyvesant (Club), 

Amherst, Buena Vista, Deerfield

Tuesday Completed

Day 3

Area of Vanderbilt, Arboretum, E Forest,

Forest, Westwood, Hilltop, Stuyvesant,




Day 4

Area of Hemlock, Brooklawn Chase, 

Westwood, Hilltop, Stuyvesant Cres,

Frith, Eastwood, Southwood, Stuyvesant



Day 5

Area of Arboretum, Vanderbilt, Forest, 

E Forest, Hilltop, Brookside, Hemlock, Cedar 

Hill, Cedar Chine, Fir Tree