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May Board of Commissioners Meeting 

News and Notes

The Board of Commissioners held their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 4pm in the Commissioners Chambers at the Town Hall. The meeting minutes from the previous month were approved, and the regular meeting began with public comment related to concerns about bear populations increasing within the Town limits. The Mayor and Board provided the resident with contact information for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. Chief Beddingfield provided information on how to prevent bears from being attracted to private property. 

Chief Beddingfield provided an update on speed enforcement along Vanderbilt Road and detailed the plans to purchase two (2) electronic speed signs similar to the one recently demonstrated within the Town. Public Works Director Terry Crouch relayed to the Board that Vanderbilt Road had been reopened and eight (8) total trees were removed during this project. Mr. Crouch also relayed that Dragonfly Pond Works would begin work to remove silt and vegetation from Brooklawn Pond the week of May 21, 2018. Mr. Crouch also informed the Board that all AMI cellular transmitters had been installed on the water meters in the Town. Town staff anticipates sending out information to all residents within the next month about how to access this information from a mobile device or desktop computer.

During the new business portion of the meeting, the Board approved the re-appointment of Greg Goosmann and Lowell Pearlman to the Town's Board of Adjustments, and Marjorie Waddell to the Town's Planning Commission.

Discussion then turned to a drainage analysis conducted by Anchor QEA related to the western portions of Vanderbilt Road, north of Busbee Road. The Commissioners discussed the results of the study and recommendations from the engineering group for improving drainage along this portion of the road. Public Works staff will begin the process of cleaning and inspecting storm water infrastructure in this area, as well as designing improvements in conjunction with the Town's forthcoming storm water master plan.

The Board then discussed possible revisions to the existing accessory structure ordinance, particularly as it related to fences and walls. There was direction from the Board to prepare several options or alternative for amending this ordinance to allow more flexibility in regards to fences and walls in the rear yard of a property. Staff plans to present this to the Commissioners at their next regular meeting in June.

The Town Manager then presented the budget message and proposal for fiscal year 2018-2019. Mr. Kanipe recommends no tax or water rate increase in the coming fiscal year, and highlighted key areas and project that are planned in the coming fiscal year. The entire budget message and proposal can be found here. The Board scheduled a special work session for Monday, June 4, 2018 at 4pm to further discuss the budget, and scheduled the public hearing for the FY18-19 budget for their regular meeting on June 12, 2018 at 4:30. 

Throughout the course of the meeting, Mr. Kanipe discussed several ongoing projects. These included the planned construction date for the Public Works Building renovation that will begin in late August or early September, the traffic studies and considerations being undertaken along Vanderbilt Road, and an update to the storm water master plan process.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 4:30 pm in the Town Hall.  

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April Board of Commissioners Meeting 

News and Notes

The Board of Commissioners met Tuesday, April 10th for their regularly monthly meeting. The meeting began with Police Chief Chris Beddingfield being formally sworn in by Mayor George Goosmann.

Mayor George Goosmann and Police Chief Chris Beddingfield
Mayor Goosmann and Police Chief Beddingfield









The Board then reviewed and approved the Town's local water supply plan, approved agreements to conduct a storm water master plan  and a small scale plan for Greenwood Park, and received a final report on the traffic study conducted for Vanderbilt, Stuyvesant, and Hilltop Roads and Ridgefield Place.

Additionally, the Board received an update on the renovations planned for the Town's Public Works Building. Town staff has worked with ClarkNexsen and Beverly-Grant to develop final design documents before beginning construction on this project in late summer. The preliminary rendering and preliminary plans are available for review.

The Board also discussed options related to the implementation of a construction entrance and exit route within the Town limits, and reviewed proposed amendments for the zoning ordinance that will be discussed during a public hearing in May. The Board approved a change to their regular meeting calendar and moved this meeting to May 15th at 4pm. Finally, Commissioner Doris Loomis was appointed to serve as the Board's representative to the Land of Sky Metropolitan Planning Organization. 


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Farewell to Officer Josh Jaramillo 

Today we said a farewell to Officer Josh Jaramillo. He will be greatly missed by all. Josh dedicated 10 years to the Biltmore Forest Police Department. He will be exploring new adventures and opportunities in the state of Washington with his girlfriend, Deann. We wish Josh and Deann the very best!


Chief Chris Beddingfield & Officer Josh Jaramillo

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Town Announces New Police Chief 

The Town of Biltmore Forest is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Beddingfield as its new Chief of Police. Beddingfield was a finalist for the position when previously open. Beddingfield has worked with outgoing Chief T.J. Bates to ensure a smooth transition for the Town, Department, and its officers. Bates is leaving the department for an opportunity with another law enforcement agency. Chief Bates accomplished a great deal during his tenure, including leading the Department to become the first National Missing and Exploited Child Readiness Program certified law enforcement agency in North Carolina. Chief Bates created a new inventory system for the Department, dramatically increased the training opportunities and requirements for officers, and revised and updated all policies and procedures. The Town is appreciative of his hard work and dedication and wishes him continued success in the future.

Beddingfield has served as the Chief of Police in Columbus, N.C. since 2011, and joined the Columbus Police Department in 2007. Prior to 2007, Beddingfield served in various capacities for the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, including Captain of Investigations, training instructor, and Emergency Response Team leader. Beddingfield began his career in law enforcement as a Public Safety Officer at the Asheville Regional Airport in 1990.

Beddingfield has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of North Carolina-Pembroke, a Bachelor of Science degree from Gardner-Webb University, and received his Basic Law Enforcement Training from Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. In addition, Beddingfield has also completed the West Point Leadership College, North Carolina State Law Enforcement Executive Program, FBI Command College, and holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from the State of North Carolina, among other certifications. He received the Region C Law Enforcement Executive of the Year Award in 2012.

The Town is thankful for the work and improvements made under Chief Bates and excited to welcome Chief Beddingfield to Biltmore Forest.

Press Release

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Thursday, February 22, 2018 1:07:00 PM

Effective January 1, 2018 Town Hall Social Room Closed  

Effective January 1, 2018, the social room at the Town Hall will no longer be available to rent for social functions for an undetermined period while construction begins on the Public Works building. 

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Board of Adjustments Recessed Meeting 

Monday, December 18, 2017 - 4pm

The Board of Adjustments meeting scheduled for Monday, December 11, 2017 had to be recessed due to a lack of quorum prior to the final two items being considered. The Board of Adjustments Chairman recessed the meeting until Monday, December 18, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. The final two agenda items will be considered at that date and time.

December 18, 2017 Recessed Meeting Agenda (Final Two Items)

Please contact the Town Hall if you have any questions.

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Tuesday, December 12, 2017 10:02:00 AM

CodeRED Notification System Test  

Town will conduct test at 2pm, November 8th

The Town of Biltmore Forest is pleased to offer its residents a new community alert notification system. Over the past few months, Town staff has worked with the CodeRED team to fine tune our data and mapping for notifications. To finalize this process, the Town and CodeRED will conduct a test "all-call" on Wednesday, November 8th beginning at 2pm. This all-call will specify that the notification is simply a test; there is no action that must be taken on your part. This all-call will allow the CodeRED engineers the ability to optimize the Town's calls to its citizens and provide the most effective alert notification system.

As a reminder, if you have not signed up for your CodeRED account yet, you can still do so by clicking on the link below. All publicly available data is provided to the Town, but by signing up and selecting how you would like to receive alerts and notifications, citizens will be able to enhance the way they are notified by the Town.

CodeRED Information

CodeRED Sign up

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Special Joint Meeting Of The Biltmore Forest Board of Commissioners and Board of Adjustment 

Monday, October 16, 2017 2:30 P.M.

A special call joint meeting of the Biltmore Forest Board of Commissioners and Biltmore Forest Board of Adjustment will be held on Monday, October 16, 2017 at 2:30 PM. This meeting will be held in the Commissioners Chambers of the Biltmore Forest Town Hall. The purpose of this meeting is for the Board of Commissioners and Board of Adjustments to discuss accessory structures within the Town.

Please contact Biltmore Forest Town Hall with any additional questions or for more information.

Posted by Laura Jacobs Thursday, October 12, 2017 10:08:00 AM

Town Code of Ordinances Updated 

Supplement S-1 Available Online

Supplement S-1 of the Town's Code of Ordinances is now available online. This Code of Ordinances, which comprises both the general Town Code and Zoning Ordinance, includes ordinance amendments that were passed since the original recodification was completed in August 2016. 

The Town Code of Ordinances and those ordinances passed within the past year are available for review by clicking the link below.

Supplement S-1, Town Code of Ordinances

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Wednesday, September 13, 2017 1:00:00 AM

Hurricane Irma Preparedness 

Editor's Note: This page has been updated as of Friday, September 8th at 11:30a.m.

Town staff continues to watch the forecast for Hurricane Irma and the resulting impact it may have here locally. The latest update from the National Hurricane Center (link below) shows Irma as a tropical depression just northwest of Atlanta at approximately 8am on Tuesday morning. These most recent modelings still have Biltmore Forest and Buncombe County in the cone of uncertainty where the storm may go, but certainly these forecasts are indicating that impacts may be lessened. Please continue to monitor local news agencies and the National Weather Service information systems to stay on top of the storm's movement and progression over the weekend.

An important note: if you have an emergency during this storm event or at any time, please dial 911! The Buncombe County Emergency Operations Center will be fully operational and they will have quicker access to sending out exactly what service may be necessary for your emergency. Calling the local police department number for Biltmore Forest may result in an unintended or unnecessary delay in assistance.

Preparedness Update

Public works crews remain prepared for the storm, and have cleared storm drains, fueled all vehicles and equipment (chainsaws, other small engine apparatuses), and generally are ready to move quickly if needed. Our crews will be available and on-call throughout the event. Similarly, the Police Department is preparing for the event by fueling all vehicles, preparing road blockades/barriers, and having standby reserve officers available during the heaviest portion of the storm. 

Helpful Links

You may find the links below useful as you prepare for the storm as well. The biggest thing to remember is to be prepared. The ReadyNC website below has a guide for emergency kits and proper ways to prepare for the storm. 

National Weather Service (GSP) Severe Weather Briefing Page

ReadyNC Website

National Hurricance Center (Irma Specific Page)

Each of the above websites should update in real time as changes are made to the modeling and forecasts for the storm. It is recommended that you also download the ReadyNC app from the Apple Store or Google Play for your mobile devices. This application will provide updated storm reports as well as road conditions and other emergency information.

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Thursday, September 7, 2017 1:06:00 PM
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