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Greenwood Park Drop-In Public Meeting 

Tuesday, March 12th - 6-8pm

The Town is hosting a drop-in public meeting for proposed improvements to Greenwood Park on Tuesday, March 12. The drop-in meeting will begin at 6pm and conclude at 8pm. The Town is making an application to the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (NC PARTF) for improvements focused on accessibility, modernization of the playground equipment, and improving the environmental quality of the park.

Town of Biltmore Forest Parks Survey

To ensure that the Town is adequately planning for future parks and recreation opportunities, we are seeking input from residents about our current parks and what future investments they would like to see.  Please use the survey link above to help guide the Town of Biltmore Forest in making improvements to our existing parks and in setting priorities for future improvements, and will work in conjunction with the public meeting.  The survey is anonymous and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Please join us at the meeting or via the survey to express your thoughts and opinions on the future of Greenwood Park. Thank you!

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Tuesday, March 12, 2019 9:57:00 AM

Board of Commissioners Planning Retreat 

Friday, March 8th - 10:00am

The Board of Commissioners will hold a special meeting on Friday, March 8, 2019 to conduct a planning retreat in preparation for the coming fiscal year budget. This retreat will be held at Western Carolina University's Biltmore Park facility. The purpose of the meeting is to review projected revenues and expenditures in the coming year and to identify projects and priorities for the Town. 

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Wednesday, February 27, 2019 9:57:00 AM

Trash and Recycling Pickup Delayed by One Day 

Snowstorm Cleanup Prevents Regular Schedule

The Town’s Public Works Department has been out in full force clearing Town streets. However, substantial melting and clean up still needs to occur before regular trash and recycling pickup can begin. As a result, trash and recycling pickup for the week of December 10-December 14 will be delayed by one day. 

Regular pickup for those serviced on Monday, will take place Tuesday.

Tuesday’s regular pickup will take place on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s regular pickup will occur on Thursday, December 13 this week.

The Town appreciates your understanding. 

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Sunday, December 9, 2018 4:18:00 PM

Board of Adjustments Meeting Materials 

Meeting Scheduled for November 19th at 4pm

The Board of Adjustments will consider seven matters at their November board meeting. Materials and submissions from each applicant may be found below by clicking on the property address for each specific matter. Formal agenda packets will be posted to the Town's website by Friday, November 16.

Case 1 - 394 Vanderbilt Road

Case 2 - 25 Park Road

Case 3 - 29 Hemlock Road

Case 4 - Carolina Day School

Case 5 - 30 Niagara Drive

Case 6 - 31 Hilltop Road

Case 7 - 54 Forest Road

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Friday, November 9, 2018 4:22:00 PM

Public Works Construction Update 

Impacts to Town Hall Parking and Access

The renovations for the Town's Public Works building will begin in earnest the week of October 22. The scheduled duration for construction is 9 to 10 months. During this time, the Town respectfully asks for your patience as there will be limited parking and access at the Town Hall complex. The entrance and exit to the Town Hall will remain the same, but there will be a limited travel lane heading out of the complex. 

Other Items of Note

  • The Town is removing the recycling container for cardboard in order to create more space for storage and equipment. As a reminder, cardboard can be placed with your regular recycling and will be picked up by the Town on its normal route every two weeks.
  • A perimeter fence will be installed around the construction area to ensure that no one accesses the zone and endangers themselves.
  • The contractor is aware of all Town requirements regarding construction hours and days.
  • Construction work will not occur on Election Day (November 6th) to facilitate the smooth flow of voter traffic through the building. 
  • Public works staff will be maintaining regular office hours and be relocated in the Police Department during construction. The number for the Public Works Department will remain the same (828-274-3919).
  • Regular meetings held by the Board of Commissioners, Board of Adjustments, Design Review Board, and Planning Commission will all occur in the Town's Social Room during construction. This is to assist with storing materials in the Board room.

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Biltmore Forest Town Hall at (828) 274-0824.


Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Wednesday, October 17, 2018 10:54:00 AM

Open House Information 

The Town's first open house was a huge success with approximately 150 citizens turning out to provide feedback and gather information on town projects. The materials provided at the Open House are available below for anyone who was unable to attend, or for those who would simply like additional information. 

The Town is working to reschedule a time for officials from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and North Carolina Cooperative Extension Office to meet with residents. These are high priority topics and we hope to have a date for this forum soon. 

Boxwood Blight Management

Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget

NC Bearwise Program - Coexisting with Black Bears

Frequently Asked Questions - Public Works Building Project

FY 17 Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) 

Guide to Biltmore Forest 


Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Thursday, September 20, 2018 2:29:00 PM

Boxwood Blight found in Biltmore Forest 

Boxwood blight has recently been confirmed in two locations in Biltmore Forest. This is a pathogen that spreads quickly and is exceptionally difficult to contain. Caution MUST be used when dealing with any boxwoods in the landscape.

Cliff Ruth of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service has prepared the document below that specifically discusses boxwood blight and how it should be handled. The Town urges all residents who have boxwoods on their property to review this document and take heed of the recommended courses of action, particularly as it relates to preventing the spread of the pathogen. Please contact the Buncombe County office of the NC Cooperative Extension office for further information.

Boxwood Blight Management from Cliff Ruth

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Friday, September 7, 2018 12:41:00 PM

Board of Commissioners to Hold Public Hearing 

Tuesday, August 21st at 4pm

The Board of Commissioners will hold a special call meeting to conduct a public hearing. The purpose of the meeting is to receive input from the public regarding installment financing proposals offered for the renovation of the Town's public works building. Any interested parties with questions are invited to contact the Town Hall at (828) 274-0824 for additional information. 

Agenda Packet for August 21, 2018 Special Meeting // Public Hearing

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Friday, August 17, 2018 2:16:00 PM

Board of Commissioners August Meeting Preview 

Meeting Held Tuesday, 8/14 at 4:30 p.m.

The Board of Commissioners will meet for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. at the Town Hall. The Commission has an extensive agenda for this meeting, including the following.

  1. Consideration of the Tax Settlement for FY18 and the Tax Collection Order for FY19. These documents enable the Town to finalize taxes collected in the prior fiscal year, and authorize the Tax Collector to carry out the collection for FY19.
  2. Consideration of a Water Shortage Response Plan. The Town has presented this plan to the State of NC, and before approval of the plan is finalized the Board must review and consider a resolution approving the Plan.
  3. Consideration of a resolution approving the Town's General Fund Balance Policy. This fiscal policy approval by the Board will formalize the Town's policy toward fund balance, and specify requirements by which the Town's fund balance is allocated and identify the target goals for fund balance percentage.
  4. The Board will consider a proposal from Buckeye Bridge for repair to a bridge on Stuyvesant Road. This bridge was found to need primary maintenance from a biannual inspection conducted by the State of North Carolina. 
  5. The Board will consider a resolution authorizing the Town Manager to file an application with the NC Local Government Commission for an installment financing agreement. The Board will also hold a Public Hearing on 8/21 to review proposals and receive comment from the public regarding the proposed financing plans for the Public Works Building renovation project.
  6. Consideration of a change to the speed limit along the northern section of Vanderbilt Road, and discussion of an implementation plan to incorporate an all way stop at the intersection of Vanderbilt and Cedarcliff Roads.
  7. Discussion of potential amendments to the Town's accessory structure ordinance.
  8. The Town Manager will also provide an update and report on various ongoing projects, and departmental reports will be presented from the Police, Public Works, and Finance Departments. Skyland Fire Department representatives will be in attendance to present the Department's monthly report. 

Agenda Packet

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Friday, August 10, 2018 10:23:00 AM

Town Accepting Pre-Qualification Bids for Public Works Project 

Due by August 1, 2018 to Construction Manager at Risk

Beverly-Grant, the Construction Manager at Risk representing the Town of Biltmore Forest, is seeking to pre-qualify construction trades and specialty contractors to submit bids for furnishing labor, materials, equipment and tools for the Town of Biltmore Forest Public Works Building Renovation project.

The Public Works Building Renovation project will include demolition of interior and exterior structures, a new addition, remodel/renovation of all interior and exterior finishes, including new plumbing/mechanical/electrical systems. The completed facility will create new garage/service bay space, general offices, second story conference room area, and updated ADA access/lift to the building. Total building size is approximately 4,500 sf. Anticipated Project Budget is $1,300,000 with a 9-Month duration.

For more information on the pre-qualification worksheet or additional questions, please follow instructions located on the announcement from Beverly-Grant. 

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Friday, July 13, 2018 1:19:00 PM
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