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Town to Begin Invasive Plant Removal 

Project Slated for Parks throughout the Town

Beginning next week, the Town of Biltmore Forest will be undertaking a project to remove invasive plant material from town parks and properties. The bulk of this project will take place along Park and Vanderbilt Roads (southwest of Rosebank Park), along Vanderbilt Road near Arboretum Road, and along Hemlock Road. 

The purpose of this project is to remove invasive species, under growth, and underbrush that is clogging and choking out the forest. This material, much of which is invasive, prevents the native and natural plants from growing and thriving in our forest environment. Additionally, the invasive species often climb trees and can prevent them from thriving as they should. 

The Town has contracted this work with Wilde Acre Landscaping, a local contractor, and has reviewed the native species, streams, and wildflowers in the areas of work. All care will be taken to ensure that native species and streams are protected during this beautification and preservation project.

Anyone with questions regarding this project, or invasive species removal in general, is encouraged to contact the Town Hall at (828) 274-0824.

Posted by Jonathan Kanipe Friday, March 3, 2017 10:55:00 AM